Early Literacy


‘Oral language is the foundation for literacy development’

The beginning of literacy and numeracy development is embedded in the everyday actions, drawings, thoughts and communications of babies, toddlers and young children. Parents and the home learning environment are critically important (French, 2011)

Research has shown that children who engage in reading experiences on a regular basis do better when they get to school. This highlights the importance of the home learning environment and the role parents play in their child’s learning (Strickland, Riley-Ayers, 2006).

Three Stages

0-12 months old.

2-3 years old.

3-5 years old.

Overall - Helpful Tips

Tips for Encouraging Reading:

  • Find a comfortable and quiet space to cuddle up and share a book
  • Sharing books is quality time, plan as part of bedtime or bath routine
  • Reduce distractions, turn off television, mobile phones, radios 
  • Leave books around the house, so your child can pick them up at any time.  
  • Be a role model - let your child see you reading (magazines, books etc.) 
  • Reading aloud with your child for 10 minutes daily – regardless of reading ability!
  • Non-verbal communication is equally important - using animated facial expressions and gestures supports children's understanding of language. 
  • Encourage word and number association when out and about with your child
  • Visit your local library, great resource of free books - Choose, look at and talk about books together.   
  • Share books with family, friends, Pre-schools and give books as gifts

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With acknowledgement to Wexford County Childcare Committee and Wexford Public Library Service.

And with special thanks to:

Fiadh & Jillian (0-12ths)

Jayden & JJ (2-3yrs)

Donnacha & Eithne (3-5yrs)

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