Building Connectedness: Teachers

Self Care and Emotional Resilience

Harry Barry is a Drogheda based practitioner who has almost 40 years experience as a medical doctor with most of that spent as a full time G.P.  He has a long –standing interest in mental health and in improving our understanding of the role of neuroscience in both the case and indeed the treatment of the main mental health illnesses such as major depression, anxiety disorders, addiction and indeed suicide itself.

The importance of a positive environment in the home/school/workplace for health and well-being

Jacinta is a former primary school teacher and has taught for many years in Trinity College on the M.Ed programme and in the Marino Institute of Education on the B.Sc. and Ed programmes.  She provides professional development training and presentations for schools, colleges and various other public and private organisations on the characteristics, skills and benefits of creating and maintaining a positive / effective work environment.

Trauma and its effects on Suicide and Self Harm

Athol Henwick is a counselling psychologist who has worked as a student counsellor, in private practice and ore recently in the field of suicide prevention.  Since 2004, he has worker as a counsellor in the Self Harm Intervention Programme (SHIP) and has been the coordinator of the service since 2012

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