Building Connectedness: Parents

Parents : Connecting with your own Wellness

SOS is a national organisation dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, creating communities where help-seeking behaviour is the norm.  SOS are passionate about equipping people with information and practices for self-care that in turn will lead to less people dying by suicide.

Parenting in Challenging Times : Happy Parent, Happy Home

In this talk Sheila O’Malley gives simple and practical tools and tips to move from surviving to thriving. Take responsibility and control of your life now.

How do you feel? Are your reserves used up? Everyone will benefit if you take the time/attention you need now.

Get the tools and strategies to balance the demands of work and home.

Understanding Anxiety and Supporting my Young Person

Eimear Collins and Paul Johnston, Programme Facilitators with Archways, Centre of Excellence for Child and Family Programmes

This talk will focus on understanding what anxiety is and how it can effect young people; understanding what worry is and what worries are typical among young people; developing supports and strategies that can support young people in your life and finally learning about factors which effect and influence development in young people.

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