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Wexford Sports Active - Wexford County Council, County Hall, Carricklawn, Wexford, Co Wexford

Sports Active Wexford is the Local Sports Partnership established by the Irish Sports Council and housed within the County Development Board structure in Wexford. The key aim of the Sports Active Wexford is to increase participation in sport and to ensure that local resources are used to best effect.

Although the overall aim is to increase physical activity in the general population, there are specific target groups one of which is young people.

Some of the initiatives that have been / are available for young people are outlined below:



Target Group

Be Active” Afterschool Programme

15 hour programme delivered to parents of primary school children over 15 weeks with the aim of increasing physical activity.

Primary School Children

Buntus (not available since 2012)

Provides an introduction to sport and activity for young people through schools and playgrounds including Buntus Start, Buntus Play, Buntus Sport and Buntus NGB


Childcare Centres

Young People

Fun In The Sun

Summer programme available to children free of charge. Run over 6 days in various locations throughout Wexford.

Children aged 7-14 years

Goals For Girls

5 week soccer skills programme.

Girls 14-21 years

School Based Health Promotion Programmes

School based programme to promote health and activity through quality play and health based initiatives such as playground markings, healthy lunches and breaks and other health promotion initiatives.


Young People

Street Paddler Pre-development programme targeting young men and women aiming to build personal effectiveness through a kayaking course delivered over 6 sessions. Young Men and Women
Girls Active Promoting increased activity for teenage girls in a targeted secondary school initiative. Teenage Girls
Women In Sport Providing opportunities to increase participation of women in sport through providing alternative opportunities and developing specific programmes Women

Wexford Sports Active also houses a range of equipment that is available on loan to groups and schools. Examples include dance mats, racket ball, badminton sets, bowling and curling sets. Sets of stencils for playground markings are also available.

Sports Active Co-ordinator Fran Ronan

Coverage Area: 
New Ross