Slaney Garda Youth Diversion Project, FDYS

Slaney GYDP, FDYS, Island Road, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Key working and care planning with young people (12-18 years) male and female and their parents.

Local community based project that work with children to encourage them to move away from negative behaviour that might lead them into trouble. Projects offer a wide variety of activities based on the needs of their target area. Activities may include education, training, sports, art, music, group activities etc.

Referral Procedures

In line with Garda Youth Diversion Projects Operational Requirements, participants are drawn from the primary and secondary target group. The primary group which must form the majority of project participants and take up the majority of the projects efforts are drawn from young people who have entered the Garda Juvenile Diversion Programme and and/or considered at risk of remaining within the justice system.

The secondary project target group are young people who, although they have not been cautioned or referred directly by the JLO, have come to the attention of the Gardai, the community or local agencies as a result of their behaviour and are causing concern and there is some evidence that they are at risk of being involved in offending at a later date.

Contact Person Terry O’Neill (Project Worker)

Eligibility Criteria Young people who measure a high risk of reoffending on the YLSCMI 2.0 criminogenic risk assessment scale and young people at risk of first time offending.

Referrals Accepts both self and agency referrals. The project only works with referrals that have been approved by the Referral Assessment Committee. The committee consists of a Garda representative, Juvenile Liaison Officer (JLO) for Enniscorthy, JLO for Gorey, a representative from Young Peoples Probation Service and 2 Youth Justice workers.

Target Age Group Young people aged 12-18 years

Opening Times: 

Monday – Friday 9am-9pm, opens Saturdays for certain activities.

Coverage Area: